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“One cold autumn night is going to turn Alex’s world upside-down as he discovers that there is more to him than he thought. This is how the adventure of The Soul Guard begins, diving into old secrets about the human soul. Join Alex on a nail-biting journey through unknown places that lead your mind far away from what you know to be true, for the yet to be revealed.”

Memories of souls collection

Tears of Souls
The wind blew wildly outside, over the street overlooked by his bedroom window, making trees bend and robbing them of leaves with powerful gusts of air. The sky was cloudy...

Volume I ~ Whispers from the Void

Chapter I
The Fall...
A full moon floated heavily across the night sky, letting its eerie glow drop down across the dark alley which lay in front of him giving it a feeling of...
Chapter II
It was a dark and cloudy night, not even one star was visible on what seemed to be a troubled sky, not even the moon could shine down on a little town that was built linearly on a dirt road...
Chapter III
A friend in need
As dusk started to fall over the city, Jonathan and his two passengers were just entering the outskirts of the city. Their car stopped as they caught a red street light...
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