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Who I am

My name is Alex, and I live in the city of Bucharest, Romania. My daytime occupation is writing, since I work as a programmer and my nighttime occupation is also writing due to my attraction to stories. And I can't exactly say which time is for which of my passions since sometimes I code at night and write at day and vice-versa. *smile*

I write poems, short stories, fan fictions, sometimes fan fiction poems that tell a story, but maybe you'll find all of that out by yourselves.

This is my main project and I like to think it's something for all of you who enjoy a good fantasy story with intrigue and mystery. You can read more about it and follow the chapters of the book on this website.

Be sure to check in once in a while to see the latest chapters, or you can sign up and get notified when new stuff is added!

The Soul Guard

What is the Soul Guard? To put it simple, it's a fantasy/adventure book idea I've had a few years back, that I've been working on for a while now. I've managed to write a piece of it, and I have decided to publish it on its own website for everyone to enjoy, one chapter each month or every couple of months depending on the spare nights (or days) that I have.

This website will contain other stories that elaborate on the setting and shed light on events and happenings that occurred in the past. Also you can have a read at side stories that relate to events in the book.

I'd like to be able to add artwork as well, as a discussion forum for those that enjoy the story and for supporters to debate and get in touch with me.

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